Profitable Termination

SBO for Profitable Termination

VoIP technology is used by many entrepreneurs confidence, earning large sums. However, few people know that the equipment operation can be optimized at the stage of its connection and setting of VoIP termination services.

The terminator’s earnings increase in proportion to the amount of voice traffic that passes through the GSM gateway. However, the high bandwidth channel is expensive, as there are inconsistencies in the communication load observed frequently. This causes a malfunction of the network, and other effects that prevent a successful termination. Accordingly, the entrepreneur has the income reduced, landing calls.

Everyone would agree that a high bandwidth, no freezes, crashes, breaks and the connection interruption are the key to successful communication, and thus improve the quality of the route and demand by the originator companies.

To date, there is a lot of software that improves the quality of the termination of calls. According to experts, the most modern and efficient is the Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer program, abbreviated SBO. This solution is widely used by experienced terminators. Using it, you can enhance the Internet bandwidth and increase the number of terminated calls, at the same time. As a result, you can increase your profits many times!

SBO termination is carried out to prioritize voice data, filtering out unwanted and analyzing them. With the help of the above software you can coordinate your calls when there is a network overload, since the QoS index is automatically maintained.

Such software is often installed in areas where the Internet is of poor quality, or where it is expensive. In the second case, many ISPs charge the traffic by megabytes. And it’s expensive if you do termination. By installing the SBO, you will reduce your Internet costs up to 80%, with the capacity of the channel increasing equally. It has a positive effect on the ACD/ASR performance. The program compresses the data packages, increasing the transmission speed and throughput of gateways.

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